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Ceiling Lamp Installation Guide

Ceiling lamps play a pivotal role in ensuring your home has the best illuminations. They also come in various designs that boost the aesthetic value of your home. You should look for the right type that will increase your home’s value.

ceiling lamp installationOne thing you should consider when buying them is size. Look for one that will fit perfectly in your living room. It should hang at a height that will not expose you to any accidents. You can also consider the type of illumination produced by the ceiling lamp you plan to buy. Look for one that will ensure your living room is perfectly lit.

Proper installation of such lamps is essential. You can hire an expert or do the task by yourself. Hiring an expert is necessary for proper installation and also for safety reasons. The following are steps you should follow when installing a ceiling lamp in your home.

Look for the Right Tools and Materials

You should look for the necessary tools and materials for your ceiling lamp installation. They include a 4-in1 screwdriver, pliers, climbing ladder, voltage tester, and a wire cutter. The materials used for such a task include a ground screw, electrical tape, electrical box, and wire nuts. Getting the right tools and materials will ensure the job is done correctly without exposing you to lots of risks.

Inspect Your Wiring

home chandelierTurn off power from the main switch before carrying out this practice. You should then remove the older structure used to handle your bulb and have a closer look at the wires. Test the wires using your voltage tester to ensure power is off completely. You should then separate them carefully to ensure they don’t come into contact with each other. Turn on the power from the main supply to test the ground wire. You should then turn it off to carry on with the installation process.

Complete Your Installation

You should be able to differentiate the live, neutral, and ground wires before proceeding. This is possible using their color codes, where Red- Live, Black- Neutral, and Green and Yellow- Ground. Screw the wires on the crossbar leading to the structure that holds your hanging lamp. Make sure all the cables are fixed correctly before mounting your lamp to the ceiling. You should turn on the lights from the main switch to confirm if your lamp is working.…