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Reasons to Use a Shower Filter

Water chlorination or chlorine in drinking water is an innovation of modern science and health. It is quite useful in keeping the water free of diseases and germs. In fact, there is nothing that beats chlorine for its effectiveness and efficiency. However, there are several downsides of using chlorine in the water. For instance, the water will have an altered smell and taste. Also, there is a risk of harmful disinfection as byproducts are not filtered out completely.

shower head filterHave you ever thought about the water coming out of your shower? Recent studies show that the body can easily absorb a lot of harmful disinfectant byproducts from a few minutes shower than drinking a liter of tap water. For instance, disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes have been found to cause colon cancer in human beings. You do not have to worry too much as benefits of having clean water outweigh the minor cancer risk.

Chlorine in the shower water has been found to strip the natural protective oils in the hair and the skin. In this way, they can dry out your hair and skin making it lose color, body, and weaken. The drying nature of chlorine can cause eczema and many other skin conditions. Do you want disease-free water that does not contain harmful chlorination byproducts? Then you need to buy the right shower filter. 

What is a Shower Filter?

Shower filters are designed to use chemical reactions to get rid of chlorine from the shower water. They do so through either kinetic degradation fluxion or vitamin C. When the water passes through the filter, a negative and a positive charge are created. These charges attract and trap chlorine plus other impurities. In this way, you have pure shower water. Also, vitamin C or ascorbic acid reacts with the chlorine and then neutralizes it.

Reasons to Use a Shower Filter

Healthier Shower

shower filterLess chlorine and less harmful disinfection are what you need. The fact that you can absorb different things in the shower water through the pores and skin, you may also inhale them through the shower steam, you can suffer severe health issues. Fortunately, a shower filter removes them.

Better Looking Skin and Hair

As you know, chlorine is alkaline, and your hair and skin are slightly acidic. Therefore, the reaction between an acid and an alkaline can dry out the skin and even removing the natural oils.…